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March 9th, 2010

12:10 pm
Free eBooks

Hmm - I thought I'd posted the Facebook list previously here on LJ. This was going to be a follow up. Anyhow, a list of more places to get free eBooks for the ebookreaders out there-
Baen Free Library:

Baen Promo CDs:

University of Virginia etext repository, LIT and PDB, mostly:

Gutenberg Master all-in-one downloads: ... VD_Project

They also provide a custom CD/DVD download service: ... _CD_or_DVD - pick your preferred format; they have most of 'em:

The Universal digital Library (aka, Million book collection):
(Ever wonder what DejaVu is for?) Lots of good free stuff but also at the forefront of ebooks, their distribution ect. Much like Cory above but heavily into comics as well.
Some free SciFi Ezines.
a very good site :
Here is one that seems to be getting better all the time

01:51 pm

The archives of 137 years worth of the magazine Popular Science are availabe for free here-