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Thu, Jan. 12th, 2012, 10:46 am
Roleplaying sound and Paradox Diaspora

The playtest this week went well - I need to tweek a couple characters a bit, and make sure some more information becomes available at the right moment.  Also very obviously need to have one character in particular be in the game, and an NPC to take more of a back seat.
The flash animation and sound files went well, as did the other props.  One of the players is keen on a campaign in the Faction Paradox setting now, and will listen to the audio dramas - so definitely a win there :)

An ongoing campaign may be in the works as the formula so far in the the books and audios appears to be-
Someone dicks around with time creating problems.  This someone isn't a Faction member and is usually doing things that aren't in the Faction's interest.  The Faction turns up and stops them.  But unlike the Doctor Who equivalent - Faction solutions are either a) Overly convoluted b) have lots of collatoral c) cause further time problems d) attract the attention of The Powers That Be  or e) all the above.  Which leads to further adventures.  If the campaign slows down, that's when a Godfather or Godmother would become pro-active and send Cousins and Little Siblings out to instigate some kind of time terrorism for purposes of the Faction (which can be just about anything and may even interfere with the plans of other Faction members).

In other news, Just found out about this wonderful PC program.  If I do a campaign - I'm definitely going to bring out the laptop.
Mutant - a sound mixing RPG assistant