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Tue, Oct. 18th, 2011, 11:56 am
Terrain update

Added contours to the harbour on the weekend (the points need to be the correct height for the bridge model) and have painted them green with acryllc paint.  Used PVA based paper mache to smooth out some of the curves - I'm not keen yet on using putty or anything hard on the land masses because of the non-hard nature of polystyrene foam.  I'm keeping a stepped quality to the contours for future use by the land forces in Dystopian Wars.

I've an idea of doing woods as a removable encolsed space with treetop covering.  Victorian-age Sydney was more forrested than is currently the case.  Albeit it lacked the bridge and the opera house, but then this is steampunk.

Tue, Oct. 11th, 2011, 02:13 pm
Technology changes

In bed last night, after copying over a Pak file for Quake 1 onto my Caanoo, Kath pointed out she remembered when someone had a PC that wasn't good enough to play Doom on - and here I was playing Quake on a handheld device the size of the Gameboy Advance.  There was also a bit of technshock for the iPad2 - when you look at this thin little thing playing a TV episode (in this case "Lost Gardens" from ABC iView).  Albeit the iPad is a lot larger than our smart phones we can play it on - it's the thin quality of it that makes it seem more ethereal.  I was reminded of that scene in 2001 again, where both of the awake astronauts are looking at the news on their tablets while they eat.  Yes, that 2001 movie, made before the first moon landing, in 1968 that still stands as the most scientifically accurate Science Fiction movie (apart from the obvious conceit of non-terrestrial aliens)

Tue, Sep. 27th, 2011, 02:55 pm
Terrain update

I'm usually faster at updating other social media with things, but a blog lets you have slightly more content.  So here's a photojournal of the Sydney Harbour project I'm doing for Dystopian Wars, so far

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Tue, Aug. 30th, 2011, 09:51 am
The Weekend

Friday night - saw Jane Eyre.  I do agree with the At The Movies folk - of the movie adaptations I've seen, it's the best.  It's certainly more gothic than previous version, as it should be - being on the cusp of the genre.

Saturday had lunch in Deakin - the coffee was good but the food took ages.  There was a whole managerie of cyclists there.
In the afternoon played Dystopian Wars with a work colleage - Kingdom of Britannia vs Prussian Empire.  We made up a scenario where I had a gutted and damaged dreadnought trying to convoy across the table.  Sadly the ramming rules meant that a lowly frigate could stop its forward progress, so when that occured around turn 4, and I'd lost nearly all other squadrons (while Mark had more, they were all damaged) - I figured it was game over.

Sunday Kath hired a news electric bike and rode it home from O'Connor.  Met her at Kippax.  She's taking it to work today.

Monday I had a migraine and stayed in bed nearly all day - still have a bit of a headache today.

In other news, my position here has been made permanent.  Which is bitter-sweet.  Yes I want permanent, but I'd still like to be on the help desk.

Thu, Aug. 18th, 2011, 11:52 am

Painting of miniatures for Dystopian Wars has taken a bit of a back seat, ever since I found cheap viking plastics at MindGames.
I've almost finished 7 of them and I hope to have them done tonight - my intent is to use them in my Cthulhu game tomorrow as there's likely more combat.

Still need to work on sound effects for one of the monsters too.

In other news, catching up with ex-work colleagues now in Defence and in Brisbane on the weekend for lunch and to see Cowboys and Aliens.

Tue, Aug. 9th, 2011, 01:26 pm
Dystopian Wars painting progress - KoB - 2

1 DN Majesty - Base colours, hull wash
3 DD Orion - Base colours, hull wash
12 FF Attacker - Base colours, hull wash (previously only 6 of these were done, my mistake)
6 DE Bastion - Base colours, hull wash
9 F - Base colours, washes, engine base (needs dry brushing with silver)
9 FDB - Base colours, washes, some engine base
9 FTB - Base colours, washes, some engine base
7 FRcn - Base colours, washes, some engine base

Thu, Aug. 4th, 2011, 01:58 pm
Roleplaying games I've played

Just trying to remember all my "recent" roleplaying games I've played and campaigns I've been in.  I've been going by dates of the most recent emails I've found on the games, so there may need to be some corrections.  Sadly it's looking like an average of 2 games per year at most.

2011 Starblazer (FATE)
2011 Ravenar Saga (Cthulhu: Dark Ages) (GM, starting tomorrow)
2011 Andrew's game (Metascape II)
2010 Faction Paradox (DWAITAS) (GM) (online)
2010 Montour (D&D 3.5)
2009 Stu's Highwayman game (systemless)
2009 Stu's place (Baron Munchausen)
2009 Judge Dredd (D20)
2008 Michael's game(Cyberpunk 2020)
2006 Western Shores (Fantasy Hero) (GM)
2005 Torben's game (D&D 3.5)
? Andrew's Paranoia game (Paranoia XP)
? Peter's Champions game (Hero System)
? Dungeon of Sephiroth (Fantasy Hero) (GM) (online)
? Mike's Amber game (Amber DRPG) (online)

Mon, Aug. 1st, 2011, 11:31 am
Dystopian Wars painting progress - KoB - 1

I've decided to finish off an entire faction rather than the piecemeal across the range painting I've been doing so far for Dystopian Wars.  I'm going to do the Kingdom of Britannia first as that's the one that was most complete (I spent a weekend on them prior to a battle as another player was using them).  I just spent part of the last weekend painting the tiny flyers for them as well, so I'm going to post progress here as a way of keeping track of how long it takes.

1 DN Majesty - cleaned
1 CV Avenger - Base colours, hull wash
1 BB Ruler - Base colours, hull wash
6 CA Tribal - Base colours, hull wash
3 DD Orion - cleaned
12 FF Attacker - Base colours, hull wash
6 DE Bastion - cleaned
3 SS Vanguard - Ordered
1 LS Sovereign- Base colours, hull wash
1 MBT Mk II- Base colours, hull wash
5 MBT Mk II- Undercoated
1 BV Cromwell - Base colours, hull wash
2 BV Cromwell - Undercoated
1 STNK Terrier - Base colours, hull wash
9 STNK Terrier - Undercoated
3 B Doncaster - Base colours, hull wash
2 BSct Hawk - Base colours
1 F - Finished
9 F - Base colours
1 FDB - Finished
9 FDB - Base colours
1 FTB - Finished
9 FTB - Base colours
1 FRcn - Finished
7 FRcn - Base colours

Wed, Jul. 6th, 2011, 01:27 pm
Very cool minecraft creation


Using the new pistons, this creator has made a pianola - it has a rotating rectangle of glass/wool to play the correct music notes.
Very impressive.

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